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I don’t know about you, but I’m a procrastinator.  I swear I can't do anything too far ahead of time and I'm honestly not sure why because I know it saves me time in the end, sometimes it saves me money, and it obviously saves my sanity… but making sure things are done ahead of time just doesn’t seem to work for me these days.  

So I’m here to save those of you who are procrastinators too!  


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Modern Boho Nursery


The night before my second daughter Olive decided to make her debut I was finally finished.  The nursery that had taken me 6+ months to finish, mostly because I’m too picky, was finished enough.  And by enough, I mean enough that I hopefully won’t change anything anytime soon. I need a break.

I scoured the internet for the perfect rocker, only to find it in Cincinnati and then get outbid.  I scoured the internet for the perfect rug, only to find it and then go to buy it and be too late, and then it was no longer available.  I scoured the internet for the perfect sheets, only to get them and instead of being pink, they were peach.  This was the story of Olive’s nursery.



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DIY Halloween


Halloween is a big deal at our house.  Usually we have a pretty good display, not to toot our own horns.  We scare adults and children both.  Sometimes kids won’t come to the door because we have too much scary going on.  Here’s part of our display from past years:



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DIY Wood Bead Garland


I’m feeling nested lately.  

I am due with The Other Girl in about 30 days… and scared shitless of course!  Even though it’s baby #2, the fears do not go away. And neither does the feeling of needing to get the house in order!  I really mean my house is never in order, so this a great excuse to get the hubby on board with cleaning and ridding and finishing up projects!  

Fortunately for him, the nursery is a project all my own.  I don’t know if people just “reuse” the items they’ve had in their previous nurseries or if they start from scratch on all of them.  It’s only my 2nd… not sure… But I do love designing things and rearranging so I’m starting over on the other girl's room.  And I’m not one to buy a set so usually my pieces come from everywhere.

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Oversized DIY Prints


I love me a good large black and white photo.  Will you find them all over my house?  No.  But I love them and felt it was time…

A couple years ago, we had photos taken when we thought it would be our last session as a family of 3.  And I think it turned out being just that as we didn’t have any more taken of all 3 of us between then and now, but I digress… However, I LOVED the photos but I never know what to do with photos anymore…  Printing photos can also be super expensive! 

So… I figured I’d try the engineer sized prints you can get at your local FedEx or Kinkos.  I’d been wanting to try them forever and this was the perfect opportunity.  I had an empty hall that needed filling, and this was a great affordable, stylish way to bring that area of my home to life. 


I actually used Office Depot as their online portal was the easiest to use in my opinion.  The photographer, also a friend, gave us the files for the photos, and I loaded them into the online portal world of Office Depot, and hit send.  About $20 and 4 hours later (around $5 for each print), I had 4 large black and white poster sized photos. 

Remember, I’m cheap, so next I headed to IKEA for their Ribba frames that run around $8 (or at least they did at the time. I’m so dreaming of the day when IKEA is in Fishers).


I sat down at the kitchen table with my Xacto knife, frames, gold scissors, and photos and went to town framing these beauties. 

I’d also like to state that I’m NOT a perfectionist. Don’t judge me, I’m just not.  I don’t have time for that.  To me, imperfect is perfect.  And I wanted to add that in there because these are not perfect.  To the untrained eye (and those who don’t get too close) the quality may look quite great… but if you get up close, there are some blurs and pixelations in some places, but I didn’t mind that.  I actually think it gives it a little character.   Also, I’m sure you can tweak the settings more than I did when it comes to print quality. 


But there you have it…

Adorable, Affordable, and Artsy.

As a finishing touch we added some old railroad signs above just to anchor the space a bit more. I love it and can’t wait to try another print elsewhere sometime soon!


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Checking Off the List: Office Makeover

I don’t know about you, but I have a LIST…

A list of all major things that should be happening around my home and probably should have happened five years ago when we moved in…

This list includes paint kitchen and bathroom cabinets, fix trim in all rooms, new carpet upstairs, redo pantry/office, fix landscaping, etc… You get the idea… I could go on forever probably!  

But I recently finished one of those tasks on the list and let me tell you it feels sooooo good!

Which one?!  Well, I finally made the little office space we use in our pantry into an actual office space!  Yay!  And the best part?  It only cost me about $150 TOTAL.  I consider myself a queen of Craigslist and pride myself on not paying full price often; however, in this case I used a lot of what I already had.  

Let’s start with our before…

This spot is right off of our garage and used to be more like a dropping spot/mudroom/desk area.  It’s not a huge spot, but it’s where a washer and dryer would have gone had we not put them upstairs.  Anyways, this is what it looked like in there when we started:



First task for the office pantry: Paint.

(already had) $0.



Second Task: Fix up desk.

Desk & Spray Paint - had

Marble Contact Paper - 2 rolls



Third Task: Hang Shelves

Around $75

6 white brackets - $4.95 each

2 pieces of wood cut to size $19 each

Stain - had



And that’s all!  While it did take most of the weekend due to painting, I’m really happy with how it turned out!  It feels so good to have a calm place to work where I can shut the door if I need to AND I’ve finally checked something off our to do list!  I think I am more productive because of it, and it was a great way to express my love for decor!  I love how it turned out!







There’s even a spot for Ells, her bags & artwork!



Until next time!  Wonder what trouble my “nesting” will get me into next?





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A Big Move for A Big Girl

My little one turned FOUR at the beginning of the month, and I can’t remember anymore when she moved from her crib to her big girl bed… It feels like forever ago.  She used to be the most solid sleeper and it was A M A Z I N G!  I was super spoiled by her.  We would lay her in bed, turn music on, say goodnight and shut the door – that was the bedtime routine.  A M A Z I N G like I said.

Last fall we changed her from her original BIG (full) bed to a twin bed for the sake of space in her room.  She has way too many things, and the full bed was just getting in the way.  But ever since then, she’s not only been NOT sleeping through the night, but she’s made her way to the middle of our bed most nights instead.


So after much deliberation, we decided to move her to our guest bedroom where the BIG bed fits better.  So far, not much change as she tends to usually wake up around three o’clock AM AND (not or) four o’clock AM.  So while we are not making much progress in the SLEEP IN YOUR OWN DARN BED KID way, it gave me a chance to redecorate again.  


At first I thought I’d have to repaint the room from what it currently is, to a white.  I just thought it made more sense for a little girl.  But after chatting about it with a design friend, and realizing I really didn’t want to repaint, we just started moving things in.  The BIG bed, which was already there and my favorite – a $60 find at a Noblesville Antique store, resembles a Jenny Lind, which it very well might be.  The dresser, another favorite—a $75 Craigslist find.  The teepee, because every little girl needs a teepee in their room these days.  And other odds and ends that we already had in our house… The key to finding good things on Craigslist or at antique stores is really a combination of luck and consistency. The key to finding things in our house—well that’s probably just considered hoarding.




While the room isn’t completely finished, it just makes more sense for her.  It’s a little bigger and gives her more room to play as she grows.  It’s a little moodier, which is totally her, but it still incorporates pieces she’s had since she was a baby mixed with new ones.  

We even gave her a little fairy door, which was the easiest DIY I’ve EVER done.  So easy anyone can do it! Go to Hobby Lobby right now with your 40% off coupon and head to the dollhouse area.  Grab your favorite door.  Head home and spray paint the door - takes 10 seconds.  Adhere to wall with your own preferred method—mine was 2 nails under the door so it sits on top of it in case the fairies prefer a different location.  


While there are still some things that need coming together, we are hoping that the cozier it gets, the sleepier she stays.  It also opens up her old room to become a nursery when I make progress on that “have a baby” New Year’s resolution…

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DIY Fringe Tassel Curtains
I keep seeing the cutest little pom pom and/or fringe curtains everywhere.  
They've been in many of my "carts" recently but I just haven't been able to pull the trigger.  Mostly because I've decided I'm scared to overspend (although only on certain things) and end up with buyers remorse.  
So I've waited...
1 / 2 / 4

Then I walked into Michael's the other day and saw these adorable little tassel garlands.  
They were purchased for $2 each.  What a great deal!  

"Fringe equals tassel in my book, kind of like leopard equals neutral!"
And off to Target I strode to purchase some plain jane curtains which were on sale for $7.49/panel.  The first one I even got with an extra 20% off using Cartwheel.  But for some reason I only bought one at a time and when I went back for the 2nd the promo had expired. 

So... If you'd like to make your own... You only need 

Here's what you'll need:
Fingy Tassels in color of choice from Michaels
(I used 1 pack per panel)

Curtains of your choice, but I went with Room Essentials White Window Panel

Gold Scissors
(just kidding any color will do)

Needle & Thread
The tassels came on a string as I believe they were supposed to be used for Garland. 

And if you know me, I never have a REAL way to measure so in true Little Miss Marthafashion I used my scissors to measure in between each tassel.
"So Anthro-esque!"
And with one of the easiest projects I've ever done, I had some really really cute curtains with a little bit of sass.

I'd love to see your DIY Decor!  Share what you've come up with on my facebook page or leave a link in the comments below! 
DIY Tassle Curtains from theCityMoms Blog
DIY Tassle Curtains from theCityMoms Blog

Cant' beat a DIY on the cheap!  
I may add more tassels, but it's actually just perfect for a little girls room!

Total Cost :: $18.98

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DIY Tutorial: Kiddo Dress-Up Rack
We proudly feature a monthly column with CityMom Abby, who is also the voice behind the blog Little Miss Martha

I've always LOVED the look of clothes racks on major blogs.  They always look so artsy and so organized.  I had to have one.  But they can be pricey.  And also generic.  I am a huge fan of a little blog by Jenny Komenda - Little Green Notebook.  She's genius.  She's literally a genius.  I swear.  

So when she posted pictures of the playroom in her latest home, I immediately noticed the little rack she had her little girls dress up dresses on.  It was adorable!  And different.  
Image from Little Green Notebook
Dreamy, right?!
Image from Little Green Notebook
I was sure I could make it especially since she then posted a very short tutorial!  
Here's what you'll need:

*4 foot pine board
*2 floor flanges 
*2 copper elbow connectors
*4 copper threaded adapter fittings (2 male, 2 female)
*copper piping - sizes dependent on your local stores, but I used 4-2ft pipes, 1-5ft pipe (cut down to 4ft)
*Rustoleum hammered copper spray paint
First we decided to paint the wood board because my Ells could help with that.  I'm always up for a project that my little one can be involved with!  It's so much more fun doing it together!  Especially since it was for her!  She helped mostly with the painting and twisting of the copper rods.  
I 'm always up for a project my little one can be involved with! 
Next up we attached the adapters to the ends of the 2ft rods.  A male and a female to each end and twist to stay in place.   This is a step you could skip if you can find rods your preferred length.  I could not initially.  

Once you've got your rods together, it's time to attach the flanges.  If you can find copper ones, great!  I couldn't at Lowe's or Home Depot so I grabbed some of the Rustoleum hammered copper spray and gave them a quick coat.  It matches pretty closely and you can't even tell when it's all together.  
After you've got your flanges attached, you are almost done!  The last thing you need ot add in is the top cross bar.  I {again} was unable to find the size I needed and while the tutorial from Little Green Notebook said the guys at Home Depot said they don't do that.  I guess I didn't smile or wink well enough... So we had to cut it on our own at home. 

And you 
are done!  
How easy 
was that?!

This project took about an hour and had an approximate cost of $55.  You can add castors to the bottom which adds about $15.  I have some, but haven't added them yet because it's a good height for my daughter to be able to hang up her dresses up herself. But overall, a great price for such a unique piece! 
So if you are looking for a really cute little way to hang up your little one's dress up clothes, here's an easy way to do it and add a little color to your playroom!  I hope you find making this as easy as I did!!!
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D.I.Y. Closet Organizer
I vowed this year I was really going to get organized.  You can see my goals for 15 in Fifteen , but basically everything will have its place.  Oh yes, it will! 

So… what do you do when your husband is out of town for a hockey weekend for the 5th weekend in a row?!  You find some way to keep your sanity while being stuck inside with an almost three year old {going on 16} thanks to an impending ice storm! 

While cleaning up my house (which is almost completely done and I’m sure just in time to be wrecked by almost three going on 16 year old ) I came across little things here and there.  Little things that I typically use to hang pictures – nails, hooks, wire, tacks.  You name it I found it.  But I had been contemplating using these white hooks to organize my jewelry!  I thought I was going to have to buy some, so when I found them cleaning a bedroom the organization plan for jewelry was on!  Naptime was go time!
If you have an empty useless wall in your closet like me…And aren’t afraid of putting holes in your wall like me… And aren’t afraid to freehand small things like me…Then you can do this too! 
I started out with just these little hooks and my blank wall.  In the words of Rachael Ray, I just “eyeballed it” fearing as soon as I started a measuring process naptime would abruptly end.  I did one row of hooks, hung my longest necklaces and then decided where my next row would go.  I had collected a few shelves along the way, some cool hangers, and tie racks to use for this project, but in the end decided to only use one small shelf. 

I liked it.  It was perfect for my little stash of jewels.  And the best use of that unused space for now! 
But I was bored with it… 

So I remembered these sheets I have seen at target that I’ve been wanting…They are a steal and adorable too!  The crosses were just what I needed and totally something I could do with some craft paint and a paint brush.  

I wasn’t hoping for perfect, I was hoping for the opposite – for it to look perfectly imperfect! 

And I am in love with the result!  So think… do your jewels look like this?! 
If so, you can do this in about 30 min with some small cup hooks, small shelf, black craft paint (or color of choice), & small paintbrush!  It’s that easy!  
If you feel inspired to try, we’d love to see!! 

Post it to our Facebook page or tag us on Instagram
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