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Thinx. What?

Thinx….period-proof underwear that protects you from leaks and keeps you feeling dry. That is what their website says anyways. I was definitely intrigued because my flow changed after having kids and I was looking for another option. I also thought that the two sisters Miki and Radha Agrawai along with Antonia Dunbar, who created Thinx were pretty cool for having a mission to “provide girls worldwide with safe spaces to learn about their bodies, enhance their financial literacy and explore their entrepreneurial potential, while changing the global narrative around menstruation.” 

Whew what a mouthful.

What does this mean for our CityMoms, and would they try them?



We got three samples of Thinx, sent them out, and this is what our CityMoms had to say about this neat idea. With a 60 day money back guarantee and 6 different underwear options, what could go wrong?

Clare: My thoughts on Thinx: First of all, they are very comfortable. I got the boy shorts. The leg openings aren't my favorite, but I've adjusted. I can't tell I'm on my period. I don't smell. I don't sweat. I don't feel wet all day. I felt good. So good in fact, I bought another pair, this time in Sport. I'm looking forward to using them again my next period. For those that are not convinced on cups and don't like tampons, these are a wonderful alternative to pads. I highly recommend them. I'll also add because I only had 1 pair, I had to change and use regular feminine products so I could wash them. I instantly noticed a difference in comfort and I started to smell. Boo. So two thumbs up for me! Ordering 2 more before my next period so I'm covered better and don't have to wash every night!


Sizing: I got a size L and I felt that was pretty true to size. I wear a L at Victoria's Secret too, for example.

Comfort: They feel just like other panties, not bulky at all.

Function: I never had a leak while wearing them! Although, I only wore them on light days. Basically, these took the place of a panty liner for me.

Overall: I thought they were great. On the day my period switched from "light" to "medium flow" I was wearing these, and I ended up using a tampon. This was mainly because I felt a little bit "squishy"! Sorry if that's graphic. Although I never had a leak, wearing these on a more medium flow day felt the same as wearing a regular pad. I don't like the feel of pads- and in turn didn't like the feel of these.

Greta: Waiting for your first post partum period after having a baby is like waiting for the ball to drop on New Year's Eve, except there is no celebration and you have no idea when it will come... ok maybe it isn't like the ball drop at all, except that there is a certain sense of anticipation and an awareness that it will come whether you are ready for it or not. As I began to mentally prepare for this period, I began to cringe at the thought of tampons. I've heard so many horror stories of their inability to control the flow, especially after baby number two. This fear would typically leave you with only one other option - pads. Now you have to give the manufacturers of pads some credit, they've tried to make them more comfortable... they've thinned them out, added wings to hold them in place and in some cases even added a little color. But let's be honest a pad is a pad and they aren't comfortable. Enter Thinx -- I've seen them on my Facebook news feed constantly since having a baby (targeted marketing, perhaps?!) and I often click the link to learn more about them, only to close the link in fear of that first period. Whelp I finally got my first pair - they are everything you could want and more. I got the boy short style, which offers full coverage. They are super comfy, cute and not bulky at all! I am still awaiting that first period, but I've worn these just because they are so comfortable and let's be honest periods aren't the only thing you worry about after having two kids I have to admit, I feel a bit more prepared to handle that first period... I just need to buy a few more pairs! I'll happily report back whether they were what I needed after my period comes... but you'll just have to wait for that ball to drop! Based off of these three ladies, it looks as if they would be worth the buy.

ALL of our CityMoms thought they were comfortable. The cost seems a bit daunting at first, though when you compare this to having to buy tampons, pads, etc. over time, the cost can be well worth it. I was not given a sample yet, but after hearing how comfy and protected they were, I am definitely investing in a few pairs. Are you brave enough to try? Happy Periods ladies!


For more information and to order, check out their Website at:




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