CityMom Report: Kids Koncerts in Carmel

Event:  January Kids Koncert featuring Ruditoonz 
Reported By:  CityMom Kristen
Date:   Monday, January 27, 2015
Location:   Monon Community Center, Carmel
Cost:   FREE
Recommended ages: All

Did you like it? Tell us about your experience. Yes! The performer {Ruditoonz} was very engaging and great with kids. The songs were really catchy. The Monon Center arranged the room so that there was a large dance area in the center of the chairs. They invited the kids to come up and sing/dance with him.  My kids aren't the type to do this 
but he was entertaining enough that they both got out of their seats. There were even a few songs that had some easy movements to go along with it. It was clean, laid-back and started on time {thank you!}. 

Any special tips for next time?  We got there about 10 minutes prior to the start and it was already packed. So I'd recommend you arrive early if you'd like to sit up front. They also seemed to be okay with having snacks and drinks in the room. The performer mentioned he had CDs available but we didn't bring cash with us so I'd recommend having some available in case your children really like the music and want to take it home!

MORE INFORMATION: The monthly Winter Kids Koncert series - sponsored by the Carmel Clay Parks Department - takes place on the final Friday of the month at the Monon Community Center {located at 1235 Carmel Park Drive East}. Featured performers: 2/23: Island Breeze Duo, 3/30: Kid Kazooey and 4/27: Jump and Hop. Visit for details.  
Photos courtesy of our 2014 visit to the Kids Koncerts at the Monon Community Center - and we still love them a year later!

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