CityMom Report: Wee Wednesdays at the IMA

Event: Wee Wednesdays preschool program at the Indianapolis Museum Of Art
Reported by: CityMom Kristi
Date/Time: Every Wednesday at 10am
Location: Indianapolis Museum Of Art
Cost: $5 per member child; $8 non-members
Recommended ages: 12 months+
What is this program?  
Wee Wednesdays at the IMA has quickly become one of our favorite activities in the city.  Every time we go we discover something new that we love about the museum.  When you arrive, you are greeted by one of the staff members who runs the program.  They give your child a blue or yellow apron and a name tag.  Each time we are on our way to the museum my toddler tells me she can’t wait to put on the blue apron!  Afterwards everyone makes their way upstairs to the Star Studio Classroom where the Art Hunt instructions are given and each child picks out an animal that they get to carry with them around the museum.  The children love to sing the song that accompanies the Art Hunt, which starts out with, “We are going on an art hunt, an art hunt, an art hunt, we are going on an art hunt, where should we go?”  

We then make our way to different galleries throughout the museum where the children are shown a picture of a piece of art from that particular gallery.  They have to then point and say I found it when they see it.  At the third and final piece of art, we all sit down and enjoy a story that is read by one of the program staff members.  Each week has a theme and the story is always connected to that theme.  Once the Art Hunt is over we make our way back to the classroom where the children and parents get to participate in a hands on art project.  We love every part of the hour long program but the art project is definitely our favorite!  

Any special tips to offer other moms who are interested in attending? 
  1. Based on my experience I do think ages 2-5 suits the activity the best.  I thought about going before my toddler turned 2 and am happy we did not.  They would still get a little something out of the Art Hunt and story but the art project is definitely suited for 2 and above.    
  2. When we go I also bring my 6 month old, usually in a stroller.  So far this has worked very well and the museum staff are very accommodating when it comes to us bringing a stroller through the galleries. If you have thought about going but decided not to because you also have a younger child with you, I would rethink that decision and go!  
  3. Last but not least, register for this program as soon as the dates are announced!  It sells out very quickly and you definitely do NOT want to miss this one!  
Gallery tour during Wee Wednesday program
MORE INFORMATION: The weekly Wee Wednesdays program takes place in the Star Studio Classroom at the Indianapolis Museum Of Art {located at 4000 Michigan Road, Indianapolis; 317-955-2339}. Due to the popularity of this program, registration is required. Visit for details. 

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