Boring Bedroom Makeover

Suffering boredom in the bedroom?

Oh no, I’m not THAT kind of expert.  But I can help you create some excitement in your décor!  

Nightstands are a super fun and easy way to bring some personality into the bedroom without going for a complete makeover.  If you’re in the market for something new, consider bold pops of color or unique pieces that you might not necessarily think of as a standard “nightstand.”  


Great way to save money here:  garage sales and thrift stores.  It you find a piece with a nice shape, give it a new coat of paint in a fun color.  

My favorite element in design is to mix and match.  This is now a trend in nightstands.  You don’t have to buy the standard pair of matching tables with a drawer.  Create some interest by mixing it up a little, by having a table and a cabinet, or a trunk and a table, or two different kinds of tables.  Have fun with it!

The rules:  

1. Make sure both sides are approximately the same height.
2. Both sides should have a connection in some way (finish, color, shape, style).


Okay, so you already have the standard pair of stands with a drawer and shelves.  How do you spice it up?

  1. Mix up your lighting (again, keep the heights within the same range).

  2. Add visual interest with different heights of items on each stand.  

  3. Everyone is using their phone these days for an alarm, so throw out the digital clocks and add a cool replacement.  

  4. Fun artwork either on the stand or on the wall.

  5. Decorative boxes to hold the ugly stuff.  


Now, no excuse for a boring bedroom!


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Desta Ntamere is the owner of Ntamere Lifestyle Management. She has a BS in Interior Design and has been working in the industry for 12 years. She offers full service Interior Design services as well as Personal Organizing and Home Staging. Passion for clients is her driving force while helping them find peace and joy in their homes. She is also the mother of three young boys, and FULLY understands the balance of form and function needed for everyday life!

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