Birthday It Up At The Urban Chalkboard

A question that gets asked a lot by our members is, "Where is a good place to have a birthday party for my kid?".

I was asking that same question back in March when it came time to celebrate my daughter's second birthday.

My home was out of the question, but I could not think of a place that would cater to children ages 0-9, their parents & the rest of the extended family.


You see, birthdays in our family, are not taken lightly. Each of us gets that one day a year to celebrate life, create memories and eat as much cake as you want. It is a tradition that the whole family gets wrapped up in, which meant, they were all coming to town for this party!

When I asked my fellow moms where to have this party I got some of the usual suspects, but then The Urban Chalkboard was mentioned. It was an "A Ha" moment because my daughter LOVES The Urban Chalkboard. I was not sure if they even offered birthday parties, so I gave the owners a call and found out they did. 

Best Idea Ever = Birthday at The Urban Chalkboard

{{{If you have never heard of The Urban Chalkboard you can check out our sweet post right here}}}

I was delighted to find out that I would not have to decorate, clean, make goodie bags, snacks or bake anything. ALL of this was going to be provided along with activities and entertainment to keep the entire family happy.

I was actually excited to attend the party and make some memories with my tot! Owner Jessica gave me a list of party ideas and themes and made it super simple to come up with a unique birthday celebration.

My daughter's favorite cartoon is Angelina Ballerina so Jessica created a party just for her that incorporated her favorite character. 


  • Each guest went home with a bag of goodies that included a Day Pass and Tote Bag from The Urban Chalkboard

  • The Angelina Ballerina book read to the kids was gifted to the birthday girl and signed by all of her favorite TUC staff members.

  • Adult guests were smitten bottomless cups of freshly brewed coffee and time to chat while the kids played away.

  • Did I mention that I did not have to clean up!!!



What did I enjoy most about this party? I was in attendance, in the moment & enjoying the time with my daughter.

Hopefully she remembers that too. She played and enjoyed the day while in her element; sharing the time with her favorite people. 

Thankful that was all made possible by simply letting Indy's only play cafe, The Urban Chalkboard, to make the day special.

Find out more about The Urban Chalkboard:


452 E Carmel Dr
Carmel, IN 46032
(317) 815-5711

***disclaimer: Michelle was offered a special rate in exchange for a blog post about her daughters birthday party***
Co-Director & Tech Coordinator
Michelle is an Indiana native who has made her home on the Northeast side of Indy with her husband & two children. She is a pediatric nurse who has taken time away from the profession to grow her family. While at home she has honed her skills as a designer while building her portfolio forLilyput Design. You can follow Michelle on Twitter @mumweber

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