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I found a new obsession.  Binging.  Binging on shows!  It happened while I was on maternity leave.  I would put on a show when I was nursing, and I soon became addicted to this “me” time.  But let’s be honest, when you are a working mother of 2 there isn’t usually a lot of time to dedicate to watching your favorite shows, let alone new ones!  

So thanks to Miss Olive, I found a new few binge-worthy shows worth checking out! Here’s my top 5 to get your started:


The Crown

This show couldn’t be any better in my opinion.  The actors cast very much resemble the characters portrayed, it’s a period piece (I LOVE ME SOME HISTORY), and they all obviously talk with an accent!   The story focuses on Queen Elizabeth II who ends up taking over the monarchy for her father when he passes.  She’s 25 and a newlywed, oh yea and a woman.  It focuses on how she’s the beginning of a new era of monarchy.  I love how it gives you a way to connect with the queen by showing her behind the castle doors and the challenges she’s faced throughout her reign.  It also give insight to other characters like her mother & sister, Sir Winston Churchill, and The Duke of Windsor.  This show was binged during late night feedings because my husband doesn’t get into this stuff.
10 episodes, 52 min each
Season 2 coming


The Americans

Again, a little bit of history but fiction, this show is about two soviet spies living in DC and raising a family while posing as travel agents by day but by night are completing missions.  The best part is no one around them know anything.  I’ve loved Keri Russel since Felicity, and Matthew Rhys since Brothers & Sisters so there was no question about watching this one. And I have to admit, this didn’t happen while I was on maternity leave, but I really really enjoyed this show!  It was suspenseful, smart, and intriguing.  And since I didn’t live through this era, it made it more interesting to see things that really might have happened here, and there for that matter.
FX & Amazon Prime
4 Seasons, 13 episodes each, 44 min each
Season 5 coming


Good Girls Revolt

A look at the personal and professional lives of employees at an American news magazine in the late 1960s. I love that the storylines are based in truth.  The characters are relatable and intriguing.  I also love that it’s about women working together and working for equal (or more equal) rights. Plus, the music is great!  I have to admit I had been waiting for this one and ended up binging it within 3 days I think.  
Amazon Prime
10 episodes, 55 min each
Season 2 coming



The Irish American Gallagher family is a trip!  Watch as they wiggle through the Southside of Chicago with little money and deal with their alcoholic father Frank.  Fiona takes on the parental role of her five brothers and sisters. Every episode is another crazy situation that one of them gets themselves into which are sometimes unbelievable but for some reason the crazy gives you more sympathy and love for them.  We watch this show loyally, every Sunday night that it’s on.  For some reason, we just can’t get enough of Frank, Fiona, Lip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, & Liam. Their constant shenanigans keep us coming back for more.  Warning… Just remember this show is on Showtime.  
Showtime & Netflix
7 Seasons, 12 episodes, 46 min each
Season 8 coming


The Gilmore Girls, A Year in the Life

It’s been nearly a decade since we visited Stars Hollow the last time, this revival follows Lorelai, Rory, and Emily Gilmore through four seasons and lets us in on where they are now and what’s happened since we left the last time.  The same gabby gals they were before they are enjoyable to watch and leave us watching some uncomfortable situations.  I didn’t watch Gilmore Girls loyally before, just here and there so this was just a watch on a whim, but it was a refreshing watch and who doesn’t enjoy watching these gals.  
4 episodes, 90 min each

So enjoy a little you time and catch up on some great shows!  Happy Binging!


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