Make A Smooth Transition Back To 'School-Time'

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It’s time to head back to school.  As the weather in Indy takes a sudden turn for the chill, and fall greets us early, nearly all the area schools will be back in session by the end of this week!  The summer has flown by and those long days of running, playing and swimming are ending.   We want to give you some tips on how to make that transition back to “normal” days a little smoother!

Tip 1:  GET ORGANIZED! Prep them each night with a routine and set their expectations for the next day!  You’ll save yourself some drama if you organize their outfit, shoes, glasses, homework, lunch and after school supplies the night before.  For younger kiddos, give them one job to be responsible for while your older children need to take on that “to do” list before bedtime allowing everyone to get mentally prepared for a new day!

Tip 2:  READ BOOKS ABOUT GOING BACK TO SCHOOL!  A few of the mamas in our group decided this was a great way to get their littles excited for the start of their new year.  Kiddos need to know what’s coming.  Some children get very anxious being away from parents, as well as, get scared when they are on their own.  Reading books with their favorite characters going through the same can really alleviate some of that anxiety and allow them to have some idea of what will happen day to day!  This is especially good for kids heading into kindergarten and/or transitioning into a new school system.

Tip 3:  GO TO BED EARLY!  We all know this is the truth.  The more rest, the less stress!  Considering the issue that it stays light until 9 PM, we have to fight it with all of our might.  Get those babes to bed so they can grab at least 8-10 hours at night.  We heard from our mamas that this is KEY to getting everyone off to a great start especially if your chitlins aren’t “morning” people. 

Tip 4:  DECREASE SCREENTIME:  Studies have shown that the less the kiddos spend time with video games, iPads and TV, the more focused they are at school.  The recommendation from Mayo Clinic is 1-2 hours per day maximum.  They comment that you are less likely to experience obesity, irregular sleep, behavioral issues, violence and impaired academic performance.  


TIP 5:  CELEBRATE A NEW SCHOOL YEAR!  Our parents take photos of first days, go out for a special meal after the first week and engage their kiddos each day with questions.  Staying involved and being interested sounds easy but with working parents, sometimes it can be difficult to always be in the know.  Keep the questions coming after school hours, celebrate the successes and encourage even during doubt or disappointment.  It will make everyone’s life easier to keep open lines of communication as they go off and grow up one more year!

Here are some of our members back-to-school photos. 

How do you commemorate the start of a new school year?
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