Attendance Policies

Please review the Attendance Policies below. We know these may sound 'harsh' or 'business-like' but know we need to put these guidelines in place in order to ensure all members understand what it means to be a part of an active organization. Thank you in advance for your understanding!

Attendance Policies

•This is a meetup group. All members must be active. Being active means attending at least one event every 3 months. As mothers, we understand that some circumstances (e.g. illness, travel, birth, etc.) do not always allow active participation, and Organizers will make exceptions to this rule on a case-by-case basis. If you are going to be inactive for over 3 months, please let an Organizer know. 

•If we find that someone is not active based on the above criteria, we will send a reminder once. If no activity remains, membership will go under review by the organizer team, and is grounds for removal. 

•Members who have been removed for violating our attendance policy may rejoin, at the discretion of the organizer team, after 30 days if she/he feels she/he can now be in compliance with the attendance policy. Members who have been removed more than twice for violating the attendance policy may not be allowed to rejoin the group.

•Only RSVP Yes for events that you can attend. Treat any Yes RSVP as you would an appointment or a commitment you would make with a close friend. Please extend the same respect to members of our group.

**Email is an ESSENTIAL part of attendance**
• All communication about the group is recieved electronically, and a valid email address is necessary to remain connected. 
• Please check your email daily/weekly for meet-up/event detail changes, waitlist updates and to ensure you are getting reminders!
• Please turn on the REMINDERS under your Account Settings.

Absentee Policy (No-Show Policy)

Limited RSVP Events are often marked with the phrase 'No-Show Policy is in effect.' We view 'Absentees' as disrespectful to other members. Anyone who doesn't follow the instructions outlined below when cancelling from an event is considered a 'No Show.'Accruing three 'No Shows' is grounds for membership review by the organizers.

•Hosts will list the current Yes RSVPs in the Comments field approximately 24 hours before an event. This gives the information a time stamp and prevents late additions to the RSVP list from being unnecessarily penalized for not attending at the last minute. Please note: If hosts do not follow this step, 'No Shows' cannot be recorded.

•If you find that you cannot attend an event after the attendee comment goes up, you must call or email the host directly to let them know. In addition please change your RSVP on the calendar. Sometimes the comment from the host goes up earlier than 24 hours before the event start time, please note the absentee policy follows the timing of the comment (not the strict 24hrs before deadline). Contacting the host directly is particularly important for popular events that fill up quickly and/or have a waiting list. Simply changing your RSVP and comment is not considered contacting the host directly. 

•If you have an emergency that prevents you from reaching the host before the event, please do so within 24 hours after the event takes place.

•If within an hour of the event you change your RSVP without calling or emailing the host directly, you will still be marked as 'Absent'.