Ask Amanda's Resolutions for 2017


Last month, I answered a question from a frustrated mom on how to set resolutions that she can stick with. Last year, she didn’t even make it past February before she gave up.

I assured her that she isn't alone, with less than half of adults achieving some success with their resolutions.

I advised her to use my four SIMPLE steps to nail her 2017 Resolutions. Read the full Ask Amanda article HERE.

Today, I thought I would share how I used those same four SIMPLE steps to create my own resolutions for 2017.

You can see how I made each resolution measurable by spelling out the frequencies and/or duration for each action. This allows me to schedule them on my calendar or add them to a To Do list.

Notice how all the resolutions are positive, in that I spell out what "I will" be doing to embody that resolution.

As I created my resolutions, I asked myself if a specific action or frequency is livable. And I probably err on the conservative side just so I don't get overly ambitious and can't realistically pull it off.


Parenting Resolutions

It seems like there is always room for improvement in the parenting department. Our oldest can be challenging, and I am more of a yeller than I like to admit.

I try to be reasonable with my expectations, but that invites more negotiation (especially about eating vegetables) than I'd like. Some times, I lose patience and just wish they'd do what I ask.

To be specific and measurable, I created resolutions for each kiddo, as their needs and personalities are different.

For the preschooler:

I will schedule playdates for him at least twice a month.

I will read to him daily for at least 30 mins, in addition to reading at bedtime.

On the weekends, we will do at least one family activity.

For the now 8 yo:

I will read to him for at least twenty minutes on the weeknights that I am home early. 

On the weekends, we will do at least one family activity.


Marriage Resolutions

For many of us, our marriages get ignored when things are going well or when we just don't have the energy for couple time. But, prolonged periods of neglect can be harmful.

Treat your partner like you would a houseplant: keep it in a safe place, tend to it daily, and watch for signs of growth or decline. Fortunately, my inability to keep even the most resilient plants alive hasn't negatively impacted my marriage.

This year, I want to show my husband that he is appreciated. He is so generous with his time and muscle. I wanted him to know that his family contribution doesn't go unnoticed.

I will speak his love language (physical touch) at least three times a day, not including when one of us leaves.

When I request his time and muscle, I will be mindful of how I ask (tone & wording) and I will make sure to thank him with his love language.



Personal Resolutions

I really want to travel more, especially around the United States. I decided this year I would make more of an effort to make it happen since my husband could care less and only thinks about how much it will cost.

I will plan out two trips, schedule them on our calendar, and budget money for each accordingly.

I usually have a hard time sticking to a hobby, choosing to work or do some other Have To first. I know if something is on my calendar, I'm more likely to do it.

I will set aside time at least twice a week to resume at least two hobbies.



Professional Resolutions

My professional resolutions are less about me and more about my clients. 

In times of need, I've sought refuge in a book or other self-help material. Other times, I wanted the expertise and personalized help of a therapist or coach.

My professional resolutions are focused on offering a similar array of resources and tools for finding balance.

Signup HERE to stay in the know about upcoming products and services for a happier, healthier you. You'll also get my free guide to creating your own SiMPLe goals.


I will offer different levels of my coaching packages. 

I will offer more free resources, like ecourses and materials for a happier, healthier you. 

I also want to get better organized around some of my routine work-related tasks.

I will utilize my Daily To Do Lists in my Wunderlist app to manage time better and stay on track with daily and week tasks. 

What resolutions did you set for 2017?

Share in the comments below!

Thanks for taking the time,



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Amanda is a licensed counselor with a practice in Westfield, just north of Indianapolis. She counsels worry warts, distant couples & also offers online coaching packages for busy moms who want to have it all on their terms. She lives with her husband, two boys, and not-to-be-ignored cat Sphinx.

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