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China's Terra Cotta Warriors Make Their Appearance Right Here In Indy
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Should you go? Yes!
The exhibit is well designed and pretty interactive considering it’s really just statues on display. It is basically 2 big rooms plus slightly smaller movie rooms on either end. The intro video is short but informative, perfect for you and the kiddos. If you want something more substantive, check out the documentary that’s streaming on Netflix. The first big room has a nice explanation of the site where the warriors were found and what else is there – not everything has been excavated yet. There are interactive screens for the kiddos. There was an archer in this room, for which I tried to recreate the pose and look stoic. Looking stoic certainly does not suit me.  We had fun “reconstructing” a warrior that had been damaged. Well, Isaac had fun laughing at me because figuring out how it went back together was harder than I thought it would be.
Then there’s a section where you get to use a mold to make your own mini-version of a warrior out of clay and put him on a stick (like a little popsicle – Zoey tasted them and wasn’t impressed). They are putting these in a horizontal peg board toward the front of this room which is neat because it lets you visualize the scope of how many warriors were made. The best part of this was that Isaac, who has thrown pottery since high school and is in general pretty crafty, couldn’t get the mold to work, even though the children around him could. (Yes, he made fun of me for not being able to put the warrior together so this is my payback.) If this room is crowded, I could see how it might be a nightmare for parents, so hopefully they really are restricting how many people get in at each timeslot.
The next room had some really awesome stuff as well. First of all – there is a terra cotta horse with his rider! Amazing! I was very impressed with this. Also Zoey likes horses right now so that was cool for her. There’s a dress up photo op area, which I was all about but Zoey refused to put on the outfits. There’s armor and weapons which are neat. And a drum and bell which Zoey liked a lot because they let you use them. There is also a “water” garden. This was fun mainly because Zoey really thought that the floor disappeared and was hesitant to step onto it. Then once she did she started laughing hysterically and dancing/twirling/sprinting.

There was a museum worker there that was doing a short presentation, which was cool. 
He said they had a handful of workers who had learned different presentations and so sometimes it would be about the water garden, sometimes about the armor or weapons, etc. Very nice.
I asked him 2 important questions:

1. Were any of the warriors smiling?

                         A:  No, not that they know of.

2. Were any of the warriors women (I didn’t expect them to be, but just wanted to check).

                         A:  No, but he noted that the mound that wasn’t excavated yet is likely the                                 temple/house type place and so there may be some women in there –                                   wives, etc.

We didn’t stay for the end video due to toddler breakdown/malfunction.

We went early on a Sunday morning and there were less than 20 people in our group – which was perfect. Overall we were in the exhibit about 40 minutes.
Remember theCityMom’s tips on the children’s museum – go 1-2 hours before closing on a weekday (when the school trips are gone) or early Sunday morning and you will basically have the run of the place. 
I truly think the warriors are a must-see. I will provide some advice though, which is similar to the advice I provide people going to stonehenge. On Stonehenge: It is cool. But you have to ultimately remember that aliens are not going to come down from the sky and land while you are there. It is, in fact, a bunch of large rocks arranged in a specific pattern. It becomes really cool when you think about how long it’s been there, that it’s not really known how they got the rocks there, or why they bothered. The same is true of the warriors. They are not going to come to life and tell you that you are the reincarnated form of the emperor that they have been waiting for and that they will follow your command. They are, ultimately, statues. But when you think about how old they are, how they were built, and try to ponder living in a time where belief in the afterlife was so important that an emperor would order this entire compound be built with so many warriors, etc., then it starts to become amazing. And that they are still here after so long and that we are able to see them and learn so much about them, even more amazing.
Additionally, these types of things can spark something in your children. Example: I still remember a section on Japan and the culture that my teacher did in 2nd grade. This led to me taking Japanese in high school when I had the chance and also classes on Japanese culture. This has become a life-long interest of mine and one of my travel goals. All from a quick section my 2nd grade teacher did?! This is what the exhibit could do for your children – so you should go.

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The Children's Museum of Indianapolis is located at 3000 N. Illinois Street, Indianapolis, IN. They are open Monday-Sunday from 10am-5pm with occasional exceptions found here. Visit them online at or call 317-334-4000 for more information. 
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