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Fall Crafts That Bring The Outdoors Inside
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Are you a crafter? 
I didn't think that I was either. 

What is brilliant about crafting though is anything goes. 

You can come up with your own design or borrow one from someone else. 

Helloooooo Pinterest! 

What can we do to bring the fall inside? 

This year, with my 2 year old in tow, we decided to start off with pumpkin painting with some friends. 

Is this hard? 
Of course not, unless you are allergic to fun and silliness.

theCityMoms NORTHeast PLAYgroup gathered to decorate pumpkins


Grab your favorite pumpkin and any kind of decorations. Paint, stickers, glitter. The sky is the limit. 


I even branched out a bit and created a pumpkin kitty that I am actually quite proud of. Though do not tell my daughter that the head fell off a few times until I got it right. 

Fall themed wreaths are all over Pinterest!

wreath.jpgPhoto courtesy of CityMom Michelle <"crafty"

Making Fall wreaths or centerpieces is 
way easier that you would think. 

My favorites are burlap wreaths. Add flowers or leaves to the mix and make your wreath earthy and simple. There are ideas, like the wreath pictured, all over Pinterest.

Want  a simple centerpiece? 

Take mini pumpkins or a gourd and a tea light or candle, carve a little space for your candle, and bam! Easy and very pretty.

If this is beyond your crafting ability you can always purchase a wreath from another crafty person. CityMom Nicole has a FABULOUS Etsy Shop full of items that the not-so-crafty can purchase!

My MOST Favorite Fall Craft Of All...

Ball-Jar-Center_ieces.pngMason Jar Candle Holder by Spark & Chemistry

Get the entire family to search the yard for beautiful leaves and mod podge them to mason jars with twine accents. 

I am not crafty enough to make a tutorial of this, so I will point you in the direction of some ladies who know how to get it done. 

Check out Spark & Chemistry's Mason Jar Candle Holder!

A few years ago I would not have bothered to try these awesome crafts, but now they are getting easier and easier. I will say, if you have a toddler like I do, you may be just as happy with a leaf glued to a colorful piece of paper or a new rock garden that has been painted in Fall colors. Don't be afraid to let your kiddos get dirty while hunting for the perfect leaf and enjoy the process of making things. 

Open your doors and let the fall come inside. Happy Crafting Mamas!

Are you a crafter?  Share your favorite Fall crafts in the comments.
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