7 Ways To Give Back & Help Others In Your Community

When I was three years old my dad started a charitable program that helped give children, in my community, a Christmas that they would not have had otherwise. I would go around town with him while he was collecting donations. 
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As soon as I was old enough I was shopping for these other kids, wrapping their gifts, and eventually delivering them to the families myself. 

Working with this program was something I looked forward to every year; seeing the joy on these parents’ faces and knowing that I was helping them give their children something special was such a rush.
"{My parents} instilled in me, at a very young age, the power of helping others. Giving back. Thinking of others before myself."
You’re probably wondering why I tell you this. My point is that my mom (a Registered Nurse) and my late father (a policeman) instilled in me, at a very young age, the power of helping others.
Giving back. Thinking of others before myself. And now that I am a mom to two young children I want to instill the same values. My husband and I are active volunteers in our community and we try to get our kiddos involved in any way we can.

Are you looking for something to do with your little ones this summer? A way to give back to your community, maybe? Here are a few things that you, as a family or just the kids, can do to help those around you: 

  • Visit your local animal shelter/humane society. Whether it’s helping them clean some liter boxes, mopping the floor, or even playing with some of the animals they are always looking for volunteers. (make sure to call first – some centers have age restrictions)
  • Host a canned food drive. It could be for your local food bank, a church ministry, or even an animal shelter/humane society. You could walk around your neighborhood and ask others to give OR even just donate some of the items you have around the house. 
  • Serve meals at a local homeless shelter. If your kids are old enough (usually around 16 or 17) they can come with you. I’ve done this before and it is so much fun!
  • Donate clothes/toys to shelters. Most of them are willing to take what you have; calling first to see what’s on the top of their list is always a good idea.
  • AMVETS or other military support organizations will take items from your home and give them to our Veterans in need. Pots, pans, clothes, stuffed animals, exercise equipment – they will take pretty much ANYTHING you have to give. Have the kids go through their old things and pick something out to donate. 
  • Clean a park. Just take a trash bag (& gloves!) and walk around picking up liter on the ground. I did this with my Daisy Troop and the girls are STILL asking to take walks and pick up garbage during our meetings! 
  • Yard work. Help and elderly neighbor mow their lawn. Or plant some flowers. They will be so grateful and happy to have your assistance! 
“A simple act of kindness can make a tremendous impact on a person’s life.” – Anonymous 

Co-Director & Membership Coordinator
Born & raised in Central Illinois & moved to Indy in 2008. Megan LOVES to stay busy & be social. She volunteers, dabbles in photography, travels & thoroughly enjoys music and the Cubs. She is currently the Security Director for the Whale of a Sale, A Daisy Troop Leader, Girl Scouts School Organizer, Nanny, and wife to an incredible man who works super hard so she can stay home and do all of these fun things. Oh, she also runs a local non-profit called Pals On Patrol Follow her on Twitter @supermommymegan

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