5 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas from Go Fit Mom

Confession time. By nature, I’m embarrassingly non-domestic. I cringe at the thought of doing crafts and you certainly won’t find me scrapbooking. It’s just not my thing. BUT, I do cook and I cook a lot because it’s an important labor of love. I do it for my family because I’m well aware that if I’m going to feed my family healthy and nutrient dense food, it has to be prepared.
5 Quick & Easy Dinner Ideas from Go Fit Mom
There aren’t short cuts. So, if you’re like me and throwing together complicated and time consuming recipes is not your cup of tea, then you’re in luck. 
You and I will become great friends. Here are 5 quick and easy dinner ideas for those of you who can’t bear the thought of slaving in the kitchen for hours on end.


Slow Cooker Chicken Chili: www.gofitmom.com/crock-pot-chicken-chili

Throw this in the crockpot first thing in the morning and it is DONE. Packed with protein and lots of taste. Definitely a fall favorite!


Mexican Salad: www.gofitmom.com/mexican-salad

This is the #1 choice in the Boudreau household. This is the go-to meal if I want the kids to eat quickly AND without complaining. If you want to save even more time, use store bought guacamole. I love the Wholly Guacamole brand. Prepare the rice the weekend before and store it in the fridge. We always have rice on hand for the kids.


Chicken and Potatoes: www.gofitmom.com/chicken-potatoes

Are you, or someone who lives under your roof, a meat and potatoes person? I am and so is my husband. Long story, but since I’ve removed all grains from my diet, we consume significantly more potatoes and sweet potatoes. With that being said, this chicken and potatoes recipe is a family favorite. If you know you’re going to be in a hurry the night you prepare this, cut the potatoes up the night before and throw them in the fridge in a bowl of water. 


Chicken and Vegetable Soup: www.gofitmom.com/super-simple-chicken-vegetable-soup

Yes, you do have to spend some time cutting up the veggies, but there is no getting around it. When you eat a lot of veggies, you have to spend some time chopping. As I always suggest, chop up your veggies the night or weekend before so you’re not scrambling the night of dinner. 


This is not a recipe, but a life saver in our house. Don’t underestimate the ease of prepping some meat, veggies and rice over the weekend and keeping it in the fridge. When it’s time to eat dinner, cut up the meat and combine it with some rice and veggies in a pan and warm it up. In our house we throw some salsa on it and serve. Random note-if you have a kiddo who struggles with the consistency of certain foods, throw everything in a food processor. Our daughter really struggles with the consistency of meat and certain veggies, and this seems to help her, especially with this dish.

Ok, hopefully you have a few simple recipes to keep in your arsenal. Yes, eating a clean diet does and will always require some additional food prep, but spending an extra hour chopping veggies and preparing some meat to have on hand goes a long way. Simply do this once a week (I know many moms who do it on Sunday when they have a little extra help) and your efforts will go a long way!

Jennifer Boudreau
Jen is a former personal trainer, fitness manager and group fitness instructor. I am a work-from-home wife and mom with three kids, age four and under. I can relate with many of you who are simply trying to merge a healthy lifestyle with a SUPER busy life. Helping you reach your health and fitness goals is my purpose.
Keep up with Jen on her blog Go Fit Mom and Twitter @gofitmom

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