40 Bags in 40 Days


So it's lent.  A time of where you sacrifice something that you normally love (and yes I know there’s more to lent than this). I decided to try a different approach this year, mostly because I typically forget to not eat meat on Fridays and usually I'm not able to actually follow through with the 40 days of giving something up. So when I saw this Lenten challenge on Facebook, I decided I was in. Bring it on 40 bags in 40 days!  #40bagsin40days


I'm kind of on a minimalism kick, or at least I keep telling myself I am.  I’m ready to literally throw away everything in my house including furniture, husbands, and children… Ok, maybe not the children, but seriously it’s time to let go!  I am either donating or selling what I can!  It started at the beginning of the year and although you might not be able to tell from the current (and honestly usual) status of my home, I swear I am!  I'm at my wits end with clutter and spending all my nights and weekends cleaning up! I thought I was ready to get rid of at least 40 bags of stuff that was in my house and figured this challenge would be a good way to make sure I got rid of more things!  

The challenge is more of a sacrificing things you love for others type thing.  We don’t need all the things we have.  We can live on much less. I'm not going to lie I was kind of hoping that my house would feel lighter once the 40 days was up and while I'm sure it is so far, sometimes I still feel cluttered and think what did I do before I got rid of all these bags of stuff?  I'm not one with attachment issues-- Ask my husband!  I could throw away my babies' coming home from the hospital outfits no problem… But I did not do that. While participating in this challenge, I have found it harder than I thought to part with things.  I hate getting rid of things that I will have to re-purchase because down the road we might need them. So clothes were easy, toys were easy, but home items I struggled with. There have been lots of things just hanging out in closets that we never use, but we might… And I think I’ve parted with about 50% of those.    


I packed up everything from artwork to toys for wrapping paper and more. My latest area to declutter was my closet. I recently watched a Netflix documentary about minimalism where one lady only had 32 pieces of clothing. Well, I have more than 32 pieces of clothing, but I did get rid of a ton, so much that my husband now takes over 75% of the closet compared to my measly little corner. Now if I could get my husband on board to get rid of more too!  And the cool thing is that my little enjoys talking about letting things go, and she asks so many questions about the donations… Who do they go to, why do they need them, etc… So it’s fun to take her to help unload! 


So here we are 32 days in, and I have 27 bags that I have donated to the Wheeler mission.  I chose the Wheeler mission because I was sick and tired of giving things to Goodwill and a lot of my things could still be used. It was also a convenience thing as they have a drop off very near my home.  And now I have 14 days left of lent and 13 bags to finish up. I'm hoping those bags are mostly filled with my husband's clothing, stuff from our garage, possibly more baby clothes and hopefully toys as they tend to overrun our household!   But I guess I'll take what I can get...


If you are doing something like this, we want to know!  Comment below!



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