The 20 Rules of Summer

photo courtesy of Stephanie Knowles {tCM Member}
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Splash parks are the new showers. 

Everything can be cured by a little sunshine. 

The grass IS greener outside. Go enjoy it. 

An underdog on the swing = a guaranteed smile. 

Swimsuits are perfectly acceptable everyday clothing. 

Weekends were made for adventures. 

Laughter is contagious in the summertime.

Eating ice cream for dinner every once in a while never hurt anyone. 

A rainy day in the summer is the perfect time for a movie. 

Everything tastes better when grilled. 

Farmers markets are the only place to be on a Saturday morning. 

There is never too much lemonade. 

Scraped knees are badges of honor. 

A slight sunburn is a rite of passage.

Mom WILL learn how to get rid of grass stains. 

Chasing fireflies is a great form of exercise.

Anything related to bubbles will provide hours of entertainment.

Bedtime is whenever the sun finally goes down. And yes,that could mean 9:30pm.

The wind in your hair during a bicycle ride never gets old.

You will remember the sound of the sprinkler for the rest of your life.

Fall is months away. Enjoy the warmth. 
Happy summer. 
photo courtesy of Linda Sperka
photo courtesy of Marcie Muensterman
photo courtesy of Megan Leahy
photo courtesy of Megan Leahy
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